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Mini Pro II Photo Booth

$ 4,999.00$ 5,499.00

The Mini photo booth kiosk is an ultra-portable photo booth kiosk for sale. This low cost photo booth is perfect to start a photo booth business. Includes Include LED lights, DSLR camera, Windows 8 tablet and transportation case

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Product Description

The Mini Pro II Photo Booth is Snapden’s 3rd Generation Ultra Portable Photo Booth kiosk. The Mini Pro II Photo Booth has tons of feature improvements and upgrades and is a perfect match for any of Snapden’s line of photo backdrops and enclosures. The Mini Pro II photo booth is the best and most affordable all-in-one photo booth on the market. Included with the Mini Pro II photo booth is everything needed to get started, including camera, flash system as well as a Windows Surface Pro tablet. Use a number of photo printer (not included) together with a Snapden Printer Cover for a seamless look and feel. The Mini Pro II photo booth has side panels that have integrated color changing LED lights that change colors using a remote. Match the color theme of any event with this beautiful accent. The Mini Pro II comes pre-loaded with easy-to-use Dark Room photo booth software. It is also Green Screen and Social Media capable for a Social Media Photo booth.

Mini Pro II Photo Module, includes: Canon T5 Camera, Surface Pro 4 (with m3 processor, 128GB Storage, 4GB RAM), 160W Studio Flash, RGB LED side panels, 1 x hard transport case and 1 x soft pole bag.

Mini Pro II Photo Booth Details:

  • Dimensions (in use): 16 (w) x 16 (d) x 66 (h) inches
  • Transportation Case Dimensions: 24 (w) x 24 (d) x 20 (h) inches
  • Transportation Weight: 50 lbs
  • Setup Time: 5 Minutes or less 

Mini Pro II Photo Booth Technical Specifications:

  • Camera: Canon T5
  • 160 Watt Flash: Includes hard transportation case for flash assembly
  • Additional Lighting: Always-on LED panels (ambient light)
  • Color Changing LED System: Includes 44 Button Remote Control
  • Windows Surface Pro 4 Tablet: m3 processor, 128GB storage, 4GB RAM (upgrades available)
  • External Data Port: USB, Mic (optional upgrade), video output (optional upgrade)
  • SoftwareDark Room Photo Booth (easy to use photo booth software with green screen, video and social media capabilities)

Included with Standard Purchase:

  • Mini Pro II Photo Booth
  • Canon T5 Camera
  • Surface Pro 4 (with m3 processor, 128GB Storage, 4GB RAM)
  • 160W Studio Flash
  • RGB LED side panels
  • 2 x hard transport cases and 1 x soft pole ba.
  • Protective Transportation Case for kiosk (with wheels and retractable handle)
  • Protective Transportation Case for flash assembly
  • Pole Bag with Carrying Strap
  • Digital User Manual
  • Digital Quick Start Guide
  • Snapden Family Digital Business Support Document Library Access
  • Technical Support Services

Optional Add Ons

  • Printer – DNP DS40, DNP DS620, Brava 21
  • Printer Ink / Paper Kit
  • Printer Sticker Media (4 x 6)
  • Printer Cover (various color options)
  • Social Media (tablet) Station Software

 Shipping and Crating Options

  • Inquire with Snapden

Additional Information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 28 in