Photo Tips for Fall

Fall brings with it a change of weather and a change of clothing. It can be the perfect time to update your wardrobe and take some stunning photos. But make sure you don’t fall victim to the too baggy, bulky look that will take away from the images you are going for. With a few tips you can make your images sparkle in low light and make the colors pop all while looking your best.

Layers are Key

While layers keep you warm in the fall, they can make you look much larger than you are. Make sure there are lines to your clothing. Whether that means creating more contrast with color, keeping your center thin and dark or adding belts to make sure you have a waist, you will be happier with the end result. Scarves can also be a great way to frame your face and create extra bounce for low light situations.



Make Use of the Color All Around

The contrast of low light and the change of colors on leaves really makes for amazing photos. This can be the perfect time to take a photo from the distance. You can capture a great image of your surroundings while still be a part of the world around you. These often are the tops of shots people forget about getting. Portraits are so easy, but grand scale images are better for frames.

Take Advantage of Halloween

All the prep work of the costume and this can be the least photographed day sometimes. Everyone gets kids before they go out but what about during? What about the aftermath? These are more telling stories. For adults, don’t be afraid of snapping some action shots at your party. You can have quite the array of unique individuals all in one image if you just pocket a camera. Consider building a camera pocket in your costume just for this purpose.

Of course if you are throwing any kind of fall themed party or Halloween shin-dig, get a photo booth. This is a great way to make sure you capture all the memories you are looking for. The backdrops will be interesting and with the right props you can make all your guests a star.