Photo Tips for Fall

Fall brings with it a change of weather and a change of clothing. It can be the perfect time to update your wardrobe and take some stunning photos. But make sure you don’t fall victim to the too baggy, bulky look that will take away from the images you are going for. With a few tips you can make your images sparkle in low light and make the colors pop all while looking your best.

Layers are Key

While layers keep you warm in the fall, they can make you look much larger than you are. Make sure there are lines to your clothing. Whether that means creating more contrast with color, keeping your center thin and dark or adding belts to make sure you have a waist, you will be happier with the end result. Scarves can also be a great way to frame your face and create extra bounce for low light situations.



Make Use of the Color All Around

The contrast of low light and the change of colors on leaves really makes for amazing photos. This can be the perfect time to take a photo from the distance. You can capture a great image of your surroundings while still be a part of the world around you. These often are the tops of shots people forget about getting. Portraits are so easy, but grand scale images are better for frames.

Take Advantage of Halloween

All the prep work of the costume and this can be the least photographed day sometimes. Everyone gets kids before they go out but what about during? What about the aftermath? These are more telling stories. For adults, don’t be afraid of snapping some action shots at your party. You can have quite the array of unique individuals all in one image if you just pocket a camera. Consider building a camera pocket in your costume just for this purpose.

Of course if you are throwing any kind of fall themed party or Halloween shin-dig, get a photo booth. This is a great way to make sure you capture all the memories you are looking for. The backdrops will be interesting and with the right props you can make all your guests a star.



Expand Your Business: Add a Photo Booth to a DJ or Photography Business

Whether you are currently a wedding photographer or a wedding DJ, adding a photo booth to your business is a logical next step. Weddings are a competitive market and the more you can offer a bride, the better off you are. By expanding your options you can get the edge over your competitors. You never know what will close the deal so the more you can customize your package the better for your future sales.

Gives You an Expanded Package

A photo booth is another perk you can add to your offerings. As opposed to only running photo booth, you can offer a cheaper price in your packaging. Since you are already traveling to the wedding and spending the time, the additional photo booth is less of an expense and sheer profit for you. This gives the bride more bang for her buck and likely gets her everything she was looking for.

Helps You Offer Smaller Options

Sometimes when it comes to being a photographer it can be difficult in the world of digital images. Often people are choosing smaller packages which cuts down your profit margin. By offering a photo booth you are giving a whole additional service, one that serves to increase your profit margin and make the customer happy. The same can be said for DJ services. People are cutting back the time they spend with a live DJ in lieu of playlists, so by including a photo booth you make yourself that much more valuable.

Gives You Greater Social Media Reach

The photos from a photo booth tend to get lots of play on social media. Instead of just pictures of the bride and groom it is photos of everyone in various combinations. Instagram and Facebook light up that night and the day after as everyone starts to share their memories. You can get the hashtags going and before you know it you are expanding your clientele without spending a dime. Even better, pictures get more attention on social media than mere comments, so you will climb up the Google search results.

Allows You to Personalize Your Advertising

Photo booth advertising allows you to expand your market. If you are currently focused on weddings you could open your world up to parties or other special events. By using different events you can target different words and change where you appear on your online advertising. This helps to get you greater attention, especially since wedding ads are quite competitive.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider a photo booth when it comes to expanding your business. It is a small investment that quickly pays for itself. You may even find you do events with just the photo booth. No matter how you package it, it is a reasonable extension of any type of party or special event business. It ups your profile and allows you more flexibility with clients. You are likely already a people person, so operating a photo booth is the perfect addition to your business family.

Marketing Your Photo Booth Business

With so many businesses out there, marketing is more important than ever. With that said, most upstart businesses don’t have a ton of money to spend on marketing. In the world of social media and networking events you can put in time instead of money to get your business noticed. This is perfect for photo booth businesses as your entire bread and butter is pictures which tend to draw more attention on the web than pages full of words. Here are a few ideas to help get your photo booth business noticed.

AdWords, Facebook and Other Social Networking

Social networking is key to marketing. It is not just about opening an Instagram and a Facebook but about staying active. You need to be trolling for interesting articles and posting photos and comments everyday. You can also pay for ads on for AdWords that will appear when people are doing like searches. This is a great way to hit the target wedding market as well as party planning sites. Make your posts relevant and interesting and be sure to respond when people ask questions or make comments about your various outlets. Also, don’t forget Pinterest. Party planners are always looking through Pinterest for new ideas!

Email Marketing and Review Sites

Email marketing can be effective even in the age of spam filters. You can build a legitimate email list by gathering data from all of your social networking sites. With email you need to be careful not to get “blocked” by recipients, so a simple email blast a few times a month will usually do it. Don’t forget to direct customers to the reviews sites out there: City Search, Yelp, Groupon, etc. The more positive press you can get for you company the bigger the edge you will have on competitors. This can also work to get you featured on some of the biggest party planning and wedding planning sites available.

Event Shows

Event shows are key especially if you plan to get into weddings. Setting up for an afternoon will get you lots of attention as well as give you access to brides and party planners who are looking for reliable services. Gather email addresses and look to make partnerships. You will find you can often meet other vendors who will put out a recommendation for you if you will do the same.

Networking Events

Event Brite and other ticketing sites often feature smaller events for a variety of companies and specialties. You can often reach out to those running these events in order to offer a free hour or so on your photo booth. This can then turn into massive networking for you. Gather email addresses, hand out cards and leave a good impression for future business. It is amazing what a free giveaway can do.

These are just a few of the great ways to get yourself known in the photo booth and party world. You can also run contests on your website and over social media to drive traffic. The main thing is to stay active in order to raise your visibility. The more people who know about you, the better your chances of securing future work.

How to Start a Photo Booth Business

There is money to be made in the photo booth world. If you have ever thought of being your own boss and starting your own freelance business this could be the perfect idea for you. If you like people, enjoy being a part of fun events and want to control your schedule, you can do all of that with this business model. A few simple steps and you are on your way to launching your own money making machine.

Purchase the Equipment

The first step is getting the right setup. You want something that is easy to use, very portable, yet produces quality images. Photobooth business comes from word of mouth, so you need to please those you work for. Good reviews can make or break your company and the right equipment is key to getting those recommendations. Booths like the Firefly are sleek and look good at any event. You can even attract attention with the glowing booths that really stand out at a party. Whatever you choose, make sure you know all the features so you can make the most of your equipment.

Different PackagesScreen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.54.51 AM

As with any type of event business you need to cater the packages you offer accordingly. People at weddings are different than those who are hosting corporate events. Getting multiple copies is important to a bride while a digital selection is more important to corporate. The ability to share the images online and build a social media following is also key these days. Consider all sides and what to offer so that you have the most comprehensive packages out there. Also, be flexible. If someone wants something, be in a position to provide it. Offer packages and specialty items, it will pay off in the end.




You can run the gamut when it comes to pricing. You don’t want to sell yourself short, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of a job. Offer a range from $500 to $1800 per job. For corporate events you can offer more and charge more. For weddings, you need to feel out what the price range of the budget allows. For parties, you might need to go bare bones, but you will work more. You can also set up deals with local venues to recommend your services as part of their packaging for event space. Just consider your time as well as what you need to do to build your clientele.


The key to any new business is marketing. People have to find you and know about your product. This can mean being online all the time in order to showcase your product and garner attention. Utilize social media. Run contests. Pair with local venues so that you can gain more exposure. These are just the first steps to getting your photo booth company seen. Before you know it you will be booking out all the time.


Starting any business can be difficult. The great thing about a photo booth business is that you can often launch it while keeping your day job. The parties tend to be nights and weekends. With a little forethought and some true elbow grease you could be on your way to being your own boss tomorrow; and you will even have fun doing it!

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