DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

We understand the appeal of DIY when it comes to photo booths. There’s a sense of pride in knowing you were the brain behind the life of the party, and having picture proof keepsakes beyond the event is a great bonus. Using an open air booth like Snapden’s Firefly Photo Module is the perfect way to insure the highest quality photo booth experience with a clean, sleek look to compliment your DIY photo booth backdrop.

Photo Booth Module

Photo Booth Module



DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

For those who need a little creative push or want a dramatic effect with as little expense possible, here are some great ideas for future events.

- Carnations hanging from fishing wire–just use a thread through the base/stem of the flower and hang it up from a frame. This would be ideal for events like outdoor weddings or showers.

- Patterned fabric (or a solid color)–hang it up from the frame, tack it up against the wall or if you’re feeling extra Macgyver-y work your magic with some tape or other office supply. A simple clothesline set up would work too. Buying a few yards of fabric is an easy and cheap way to add a sense of flair to the photo booth and create a personal touch. Depending on the type of fabric you purchase, this could be perfect for basically any event–black fabric for serious marketing events (or not! it’s a photo booth have fun with it!) or patterned fabrics for a more upbeat vibe.

- Streamers! The most basic idea that looks great (but make sure it is color coordinated for the best result!) , is easy to use, and for an extra bonus, very cheap. Like this:

or this:

- Or get a little bit more of a sophisticated streamer look with rolls of crepe paper from Paper Mart. They have over 36 different colors and hues and the whole project will cost around $10. 

- Having a family event? Maybe there’s going to be little children at a company event, shower, or you just like the look. You can take a trip back to elementary school with paper chain backdrops. Pretty self explanatory and all DIY, you can get some little helpers to make it (or just do it on your own for fun). Color coordinating green and red would also make it perfect for Christmas parties.

Coming up with a cheap, easy, and cute DIY photo booth backdrops isn’t hard, and when you use Snapden’s Firefly Photo Module you know that your booth and the pictures of your guests will look great.

There are other options for photo booths as well – if you aren’t feeling like creating a DIY photo backdrop.  Snapden has a family of photo booths that are aimed to set your event apart from the crowd – and not Snapden has opened a Denver Photo Booth Rental branch.

Photo Booth System


All these pictures–and many more– are found on our Pinterest page.

Thanks for reading and be on the look out for DIY inspiration Part 2 (with the amazing, outrageous photo booth drops that I wish I knew how to create).

xoxo, Snapden


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  1. - OMG! I can just imagine sanidntg outside the photo booth, waiting for my turn. I hear rolling laughter, out of control, and see a foot kick under the curtain here and some arm-bumping there. You guys emerge like nothing happened. Hilarious!I simply sit down and smile and wonder why I’m not cracking up like you were.We got to do a photo booth at a preview event for Kinect XBox a few weeks ago and it was a blast!

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