Photo Booth Sale – Quality is Key

The Firefly 2.0 is the heart and soul of the photo booth sale offered by Snapden.  Our photo booth sale equipment is designed with a versatile look that works  in every setting.  The custom LED Glow system can change from clean white to electric pink.  The Firefly is filled with high quality components and subtle details.  the Firefly works great alone or paired with our photo backdrops to make the perfect photo booth experience.

Quality Protection and Transportation.


Our photo booth equipment comes equipped with a high quality, double-walled protective sleeves for storage and transportation.   It also comes with a custom dolly and straps for transportation.  With four sets of wheels on the dolly, single-person loading into a vehicle is extremely easy.   Can you lift 40lbs?  Then you can transport the Firefly!  Our photo booth equipment is designed to be simple to use and transport.

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View from the Back.

Easy Access Panels.

Two easy access panels reveal a boat-load of powerful components in our photo booth equipment.  The Firefly includes a Canon T5 DSLR camera and professional strobe flash.  It also includes an industrial touch screen monitor, Intel i5 computer and a fully customizable LED controller.

Data and Power Ports.

A powerful industrial computer powers the Firefly and the exterior junction box gives easy access to everything.  The photo booth equipment’s available ports include USB 3.0, HDMI, Speaker, Mic, Auxiliary power and a central power switch.  With this photo booth equipment you can roll up to an event and be running in as little as a few minutes.  Simplicity at its finest.

Powered by Darkroom.

Dark Room Photo Booth Software is the easiest and most powerful photo booth software on the market.    Every Firefly comes pre-loaded with Dark Room.

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Wrap the Firefly with the Convertible.

The fully enclosed walls to the Snapden System.

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Our Enclosed Backdrop

Snapden’s modern take on the fully enclosed photo booth comes to life as the Convertible.  This fully enclosed structure allows for the feeling of privacy, while the open top makes it feel spacious beyond belief.  Unlike anything on the market, this photo backdrop gets noticed from across the room and keeps people coming back for more.

Available in Many Colors!

Add the Fly Thru to the Firefly.

Snapden’s Open Concept Photo Booth.

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Open Concept Backdrop

Snapden’s take on the open concept photo booth is the Fly Thru.  The curved shape draws attention from a distance and works well with large and small crowds alike. No matter where it’s used people can’t help but Fly Thru and come back from more!  The Fly Thru is our most easy to set up backdrop, requiring as little as 10 minutes to set up.   Easy, professional, perfect.

Available in Many Colors!

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