photo booth for sale firefly 2.0

Photo Booth for Sale – Firefly 2.0

The Firefly 2.0 photo booth for sale is Snapden’s flagship portable photo booth kiosk.   The Firefly 2.0 photo booth is the heart and soul of the Snapden photo booth system. Horse race betting at horsebettingace.com.   Looking to buy a photo booth?  The Firefly 2.0 is Snapden’s 5th Generation design.  This photo booth for sale comes with the competitive edge to stand out from the crowd.

Portable, Powerful, Easy to Use

Photo Booths for Sale

The Firefly 2.0 Photo Booth is sleek, mobile and powerful.   Use the Firefly 2.0 by itself or with our other photo booths for sale like the Fly Thru, Convertible or the new Pop Wall.  The Firefly 2.0 Photo Booth for sale is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and exceeds all expectations.

The Mini Pro photo booth is Snapden’s 2nd Generation ultra portable photo booth for sale.   The Mini Pro is the industry’s best value in the portable photo booth market.   Looking to buy a photo booth?  The Mini Pro is powerful, portable and easy to use!

Quick Connect, Portable, Easy to Setup

Photo Booths Backdrops for Sale


The Convertible photo booth backdrop is Snapden’s take on the fully enclosed photo backdrop.   The Convertible has a curved shape that draws attention from across the room and the spacious interior can fit 6-8 people.


The Fly Thru photo booth backdrop is Snapden’s take on the open concept photo backdrop.   The Fly Thru has a curved shape that hugs guests and keeps them coming back from more.  The Fly Thru is perfect for high volume events.


The Pop wall photo booth backdrop is Snapden’s quickest and easiest photo backdrop to set up.  Weighing less than 30lbs, the Pop Wall can be set up in as little as 5 minutes.  With the tent-pole style system, this wall literally pops up.


More than just a Photo Booth for Sale

When deciding which photo booth to buy, there are many considerations.  Of course you must be in love with the look of your booth.  If you don’t love the booth, neither will your customers.   But there is more than just looks behind Snapden.   When buying a Snapden product you are purchasing quality customer service and reliable technical support.   Feel free to reach out to us to discuss in detail how Snapden can help you be successful.

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The Snapden Family is Growing – Fueled by the Firefly!


Since the release of the 4th Generation Firefly Photo Module, Snapden has gained loyal customers all around the world, including the following US cities: Denver Colorado, Los Angeles California, Shreveport Louisiana, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Boise Idaho, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, San Francisco California, Hartford Connecticut, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Honolulu Hawaii, Columbus Ohio, Memphis Tennessee, Seattle Washington, Dallas Texas, Fort Worth Texas, Concord New Hampshire, Detroit Michigan, Houston Texas, Chicago Illinois, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Las Vegas Nevada, Savannah South Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, Boston Massachusetts, Rapid City South Dakota, San Diego California, San Jose California, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Wheat Ridge Colorado, Miami Florida, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Potomac Maryland, Mesa Arizona, Long Island New York, Tampa Florida, Raleigh North Carolina