The Patented Snapden System of Interchangeable Photo Booth Products


The Snapden system is built around the Firefly - Snapden's 4th Generation Photo Module. The Firefly Photo Module is the heart and soul of the Snapden system and works perfectly as a stand alone or open-air photo booth. The Fly Thru and Convertible photo backdrops are patented designs that interact seamlessly with the Firefly. The Snapden family of interchangeable photo backdrops is like nothing else on the market, helping you stand out from the crowd and get an edge on the competition!


fly thru photo booth step & repeat photo booth firefly photo module convertible photo booth


Learn more about our photo booths... The Firefly Photo Module > The Fly Thru > The Convertible > The Step & Repeat




The Firefly Photo Module - The Color Changing Center of our Photo Booth System


It’s not just a pretty face - it's the heart and soul of the Snapden photo booth system! The Firefly Photo Module provides high quality, automated service through its high-res camera, quality lighting, touch screen interface, and customizable graphics. The Firefly also has the ability to change colors through its internal LED system, plus it is Social Media Intgrated. The Firefly sets the stage for automatic Facebook uploads, social media stations and more.

The Firefly has minimal space requirements when used as a stand alone unit, but is at its best when paired with any of the Snapden Shells (the Convertible, Step & Repeat or Fly Thru).




We Recommend the Firefly Photo Module for:


  • Use with any of our new photo booth shells - the Convertible, Step & Repeat and the Fly Thru


  • People looking for an eye catching photo system that changes colors, glows and creates a perfect atmosphere for any party


  • Those interested in Social Media integration - Facebook, Twitter and more




The Fly-Thru Photo Booth Package


Introducting our new photo booth - the Fly Thru! The newest addition to our line of LA photo booth rentals. The Fly-Thru is Snapden's answer to a clean, self standing backdrop. This booth allows guests to pop in-and-out of the booth, or as we like to say - they Fly Thru!


Our standard Fly Thru is black, but soon we will be releasing different colors. Stay tuned!

The Fly-Thru takes up a little less space than the Convertible and Step & Repeat (only 7ft x 7ft) but the design can fill any room.





We Recommend the Fly-Thru Photo Booth for:







The Convertible Photo Booth Package


The Convertible is a new photo booth that is open to the world yet completely private once you’ve entered. This super curvy and soft shell (a feature of all of our designs) will be hard to walk away from. Don't believe us? People love the Convertible so much we’ve actually seen someone hug it! This new photo booth offers backdrops that are high end and 3D textured, plus those looking for customization will love the custom printed exterior sleeve.

The Convertible Shell needs a 10’x10’ space and is designed to fit most event locations.



We Recommend the new Convertible Photo Booth for:







The Step and Repeat Photo Booth Package


Looking to brand your event and create a perfect one-stop photo opp? We have the answer - Step and Repeat, Snapden style! This new photo booth is a twist on the traditional Step and Repeat system. This photo booth rental comes standard with a custom printed backdrop and the color changing Module taking the pictures. Just like the red carper photos you see in Hollywood - the Step & Repeat is set up for a single photo, allowing your guests to strike their best pose.


The custom backdrop allows you to place whatever branding or message you want in the photo - a subtle reminder of what the event was.

The Step and Repeat requires 10ft x 10ft of space and is great for red carpet events.



We Recommend the new Step & Repeat Photo Booth for: