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Green Screen

Green Screen is a great up-sell to your customers and is a very popular option in the events industry. Snapden Green Screen can do most anything – the only limit is your imagination!

Custom Printouts and Screens

Customization in the events industry is key, and our software is the easiest to use in the industry. Creating custom printouts and interface screens has never been this simple.

Facebook, Email and Text Sharing

Instant digital photo sharing is quick and easy with our photo booths. Click, Snap, Share! It’s as simple as that.

Video Booth

The Video Booth option offers a great way to capture personal messages for event hosts. A perfect option for Weddings and other Celebrations.

Animated GIFS

Animated GIFs are the HOT new thing in the events industry! Another great up-sell to your customers that will leave them saying, “How did they do that?!”

External Monitor Slide Shows

Connect to external monitors to share real-time photo booth slide shows and survey results. All that’s needed is an internet connection for wireless connectivity.

Surveys and Data Collection

Collecting Data is great tool for corporate events. Fully customized surveys allow the collection of everything from emails to complete demographic information.