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The Firefly Photo Booth sale is here to help you start or enhance your photo booth business.  Light weight, portable and powerful, the Firefly is designed to make an impression.  Looking to buy a photo booth and start a photo booth business? Look no further.  We have what you’re looking for!   Check out our site to see how Snapden’s photo booth sale can help you start or grow a profitable business.  Or contact us for a complete brochure, pricing and purchase information.



The Firefly Photo kiosk is a sleek, mobile and powerful product.   Use the Firefly by itself or with any of our photo booths for sale.  Or customize your look with a printed Step & Repeat.  With the Firefly your company is sure to stand out from the crowd.

The Convertible photo booth sale is a modern take on the fully enclosed booth.  Curved walls provide privacy while the open roof makes the booth feel spacious.  Looking to buy a photo booth far from the ordinary?  This unique enclosure is the perfect addition to any event.

The Fly Thru photo booth is Snapden’s answer to the open air photo booth.   This photo booth for sale has a curved profile that attracts guests from a distance.  Looking to buy a photo booth with a modern open air photo booth concept? The Fly Thru is your answer!

That’s Right. The Firefly Glows!

Any color.  Any Speed.  Hook up and change colors to the beat of music.  The Firefly Glow System is integrated into every photo booth.  The Glow system makes it quick and easy to achieve the exact look you need for your event.  Don’t want color ?  No problem!  The Firefly can glow a clean white or it can be turned off completely.   Your event, your choice.

design is where science and art break even

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Portable, Easy to Set Up

Built for portability and single person transport.  Light weight, easy to set-up.  Makes you look professional from the moment you enter the door.

People Talk, You Profit

Snapden products are designed to get people talking.   When customers love what you offer, referral business is right around the corner.

Made in the USA

Snapden’s patented products are designed and built in the USA.  Quality is in every detail of the entire product line.

The Best Photo Booth to Start a Business

Profitability in the photo booth rental market is all about standing out.

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Snapden Denver offers photo booth rentals for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, holiday parties, graduations, reunions and more!  Visit them at www.snapdenphotobooths.com/denver-photo-booth-rentals

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